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Halloween at the MoPoP

For those who attended MoPop’s Fashionably Undead Halloween Bash this year, you may have noticed a couple small tables tucked away in the museum’s Scared to Death horror exhibition. That was us! This year, with the support of the amazing staff at MoPop, Hourglass Escapes had the privilege of putting on a one of a […]
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How the Evil Dead 2™ Board Game has changed Kickstarter forever!

I love games, all kinds of games – board games, video games, and of course escape rooms. And even more than my love for games, I love the stories that inspire some of my favorites. That’s why I was so passionate in designing and building our Evil Dead 2™  escape room and that’s why I […]
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A Night in with a Board Game or a Night Out at an Escape Room?

Even if you (and your wallet) haven’t fallen head over heals into the board game craze, chances are you know someone that has. This, after all, is a ‘golden age of board games’; each year, thousands of new board games are launched—and these aren’t your grandparent’s careworn copies of Monopoly and Life. You remember those […]
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