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An experts guide to playing Escape Room Games

The Experts' Guide to Playing Escape Room Games We asked some of the most well-known escape room experts for their advice for beginners on playing escape rooms. First, let’s tackle what is an Escape Room Game? We get asked this all the time and it’s a harder question than you’d think. We tell people it’s […]
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Good Prop Bad Prop

Good Prop Bad Prop An Escape Room cliche we can do without. There is nothing worse than being in an Escape Room and dealing with a broken prop. You spend your time trying to solve a puzzle and you find out that you had the answer for 5 min but because the item or lock is broken you wasted time, gained […]
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How to make a theme park style living window

The 'Pane' of making realistic windows in Escape Room Games Making the world outside your windows realistic can be a fun way to expand your escape rooms world.  They set the scene, make the room feel bigger and can even make you seasick! This is our window in Tales of the Ghostly Galleon, which can actually induce sea sickness […]
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How to Find an Escape Room Near You

How to Find an Escape Room Near You Now that you know what an escape room is, you’re probably asking Google for ‘escape room games’ and now you have plenty of choices! Honestly, maybe too many. Simply searching ‘escape rooms’ could lead you to our friends Crack the Code Escape Room in Virginia, or The […]
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Valentines Day Puzzle Box Of Chocolates

Valentine's Day Puzzle Box Of ChocolatesMake your personalized Valentine's puzzle box! Do you have a sweetie who loves puzzles? Or do they just like them a little bit but you want to make them work for that box of chocolates? Then I have the project for you! The first thing to make is the puzzle […]
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How to Make an Escape Room Puzzle Box

The Book of Khepri Puzzle Box   Today we'll look at a small prop box that can be made with just a few hours of working time, for less than $100. This type of simple puzzle box is similar to the props in our escape room Rise of The Mad Pharaoh.   Materials     Blank […]
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