Hourglass Bay and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Escape room – The Movie

In 2019 the film Escape Room was released in the US and was a huge hit! Like I said in an interview with Patrick Cavanaugh  for in 2019 “I thought it was pretty tense, the whole movie. It was really well-paced. All the details and the music. Every little thing, I think held that, so we went, and we just had a fun time.” It also gave a big boost to us at Hourglass Escapes.

This new movie seems to have something to...

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Hourglass Escapes Reprograms Disgruntled Employees

With offices finally reopening, managers are starting to notice an unexpected quarantine side-effect: all their employees hate each other.

They aren’t terrible people (or if they are, no more so than before the quarantine) but one year of isolation is hell on social skills. Social skills are a muscle, they grow or atrophy. It’s like trying to get back to bench pressing 300 pounds after a year in a coma. You need to start with smaller weights. But what is the social skills version...

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Virtual Escapes: The Safer Staycation

At first, virtual escape rooms can seem a bit counterintuitive. Escape rooms are inherently destinations; clues built into the very walls, designed to draw attention to the fact that your party is very consciously stuck… in a room. They are gathering spaces for friends and family to focus on a shared narrative, to challenge themselves and be immersed in a different place. But as we have adapted to the quaren-times, designers including those here at Hourglass Escapes, are focusing on...

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The Rebus!

Did you know that a REBUS is a great example of today’s code? It is a pictogram word play cipher Escape Rooms have all kinds of ciphers and this is jut one type. Just try any of your local escape rooms near you and you will see all kinds of codes and puzzles.

Code of the Day: Rebus! re·​bus | \ ˈrē-bəs \

A text emoji Rebus

Definition of rebus : a representation of words or syllables by pictures of objects or by...

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The Caesar Cipher

Basic Shift Cipher

Did you know that Sleep Bunny is a great example of today’s code? It is a Shift Cipher with a shift of 9. Escape Rooms have all kinds of ciphers and this is jut one type. Just try any of your local escape rooms near you and you will see all kinds of codes and puzzles.

Example of a Shift 9 with Key Code

Wikipedia states “The Caesar cipher, also known as Caesar’s cipher, the shift cipher, Caesar’s code or Caesar shift,...

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Support Local Businesses During a Pandemic

These are wild times here in Seattle, and around the world. People are understandably fearful. We are worried about our health and the health of our friends and family. And while we here at Hourglass Escapes share in that anxiety, we also have another fear: Unemployment. 

What really freaks us out about the current pandemic isn’t our personal health, it’s the health of our small business. If you’re a subscriber to our newsletter, you’ll know that we have closed our doors...

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Escape Rooms and Pop Culture

Escape rooms in pop culture

Escape rooms were once a strange and unheard-of past time, but then they began to pop up in popular culture. The first time most people heard of them was in an episode of Big Bang Theory, but then it popped up in other shows like Two broke girls, Modern Family and even Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Then the hit movie Escaped Room opened, and as described by Seth Wolfson in an article by Patrick Cavanaugh  “it was pretty tense, the whole movie. It...

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Seattle Escape Room Year in Review

2019 was a banner year, both for Escape Rooms around the globe, and specifically for us here at Hourglass. We are proud to say that this year we achieved many new milestones and continued to push the boundaries for the kind of experience an Escape Room can offer. So without further ado, we present to you Hourglass Escapes’ favorite things of 2019The Official Evil Dead 2 Escape Room Launches

#1 The Official Evil Dead 2™ Escape room

On July 1st,...

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Five things to do with your family in Seattle over the holidays

So your family is in town for the holidays and it’s great! But after the presents are opened and the eggnog drunk, there’s still a few days to kill before you drop everyone back off at the airport. Not only that, but winter has finally hit and everything lies under a blanket of sleet and frost. Cabin fever is beginning to threaten the familial good cheer, but no one wants to go outside. Well, we have just the remedy for you! Here are five  things to do with your family over the holidays...

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Time for a change aka 70 min Escape Rooms

Standardization is a weird thing. In sports there are clear rules: a baseball game lasts nine innings. Football marches on for four quarters, and soccer ping-pongs up and down the field for ninety minutes. These are long standing standards that we accept without second guessing. Even in a relatively recent phenomenon like Escape Rooms, we have quickly settled into an unspoken standardization. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the sixty minute duration of most escape rooms. But sixty minutes...

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