1 – 4

Players 12+





It’s Up To You and Your Friends to Answer the Call From Beyond

The Navigators and the Call From Beyond! A one to four player co-operative online puzzle adventure starring the voice of Peter Parker and Spider-man, Yuri Lowenthal! Our Seattle location offers a virtual escape room experience where you and your friends have won a tour of the JPL facility in California! As you begin the tour you very quickly realize that something is wrong, and you and your friends must answer the CALL FROM BEYOND!

Hourglass provides many themed escape experiences, whether on-site in Seattle or virtual escape rooms. Our virtual escape rooms are 24-hour, online games that you can access any time of the day or night. Download the code and share with your teammates. This use a video chat for team members in different locations. Each player can paste the game key into their favorite web browser and play from there. An internet connection is required. Once the game key is entered you have 24 hours to play the game.

What you need to play:

  • A good WiFi connection
  • A laptop or desktop for each player

Recordings and screenshots are prohibited

Navigators Anytime



Created By:
Hourglass Escapes

Principal Designers:
Tyler Stuart
Seth Wolfson