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Dare to plan an event beyond the ordinary, where mystery and celebration intertwine, only at Hourglass Escapes.

Plan Your Next Event with Hourglass Escapes

Host your next unforgettable event at Hourglass Escapes, where corporate team building and captivating birthday celebrations meet in mysterious escape rooms. Our unique settings and mysterious atmospheres provide the perfect backdrop for weaving bonds and creating lasting memories. Let Hourglass Escapes be the mastermind behind your event, ensuring every moment is shrouded in intrigue and excitement, leaving your guests with an unforgettable puzzle of memories to unravel.

Corporate Team Building

Forge stronger bonds and ignite team synergy with an immersive corporate team-building experience at Hourglass Escapes. Our escape rooms offer the perfect blend of challenge and collaboration, fostering communication and problem-solving skills in an engaging setting. Elevate your team’s dynamics with an unforgettable session at Hourglass Escapes, where mystery and teamwork converge for a unique and impactful corporate event.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday with a twist at Hourglass Escapes, where an immersive and mysterious adventure awaits. Gather your friends for an unforgettable experience, solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries in our escape rooms. Make your special day truly unique, filled with excitement, laughter, and lasting memories. Click to learn more about how you can celebrate your special day with Hourglass Escapes in Seattle.

Bachelor(ette) Parties

Elevate your bachelorette or bachelor party to new heights at Hourglass Escapes, where mystery and excitement converge for an unforgettable celebration. Immerse yourselves in the thrill of our escape rooms, bonding over puzzles and challenges, creating memories that will last long after the adventure concludes. Make your pre-wedding festivities extraordinary and mysterious.

Special Occasions

Make any special occasion truly extraordinary at Hourglass Escapes, where mystery and celebration intertwine. Whether it’s a milestone, anniversary, or a reunion, our escape rooms provide a unique and engaging setting for creating lasting memories. Dive into an unforgettable adventure, solving puzzles and sharing laughter with loved ones, as Hourglass Escapes transforms any occasion into a mysterious and memorable experience.

Multiple Ways to Host Your Event

Bring the Party to Us
In Seattle

Step into uncharted territory as we enthusiastically get ready to organize a mysterious adventure for your special day! Engage in an escape veiled in enigmas, with puzzles and action awaiting you. Amidst the intrigue, our safety measures are in place to ensure you and your guests can unlock the secrets that lie before you. (Disclaimer: Maintain a reasonable distance. After all, we did promise a safe experience, didn’t we?)

Let Us Bring Our
Mobile Escape Room To You!

Unveil the mystery from the comfort of your own space as we transport the escape room to you! We understand the challenges of gathering loved ones in a single physical location. Fear not, for our offerings extend beyond hosting events solely at our Seattle location. Delve into alternative remote escape room options, allowing you and your friends and family to immerse yourselves in the thrill right from your own home.

Experience An Adventure at Hourglass Escapes

We invite you to seize the moment and start planning your next phenomenal event. Whether it’s a birthday celebration filled with mystery, a corporate team-building session that fosters collaboration, or any special occasion that deserves a touch of the extraordinary, let Hourglass Escapes be the backdrop for your cherished memories. Our immersive escape rooms promise to make your event truly unique, leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests. Embrace the mystery, celebrate the moment, and let Hourglass Escapes be the enigmatic host of your next unforgettable occasion.

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