Bachelor(ette) Parties

In person or virtual events for 4-400 players

Embark on a pre-wedding celebration like no other by choosing Hourglass Escapes as the enigmatic backdrop for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Dive into a world of mystery and adventure with our immersive escape rooms, where puzzles and excitement await.

Host A Unique Bachelor(ette) Party in Seattle

Gather your squad for a bachelor or bachelorette party filled with puzzles, excitement, and a touch of the enigmatic right here in an escape room in West Seattle. Our escape rooms provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration—because who says the journey to “till death do us part” can’t start with a mysterious twist? Make your pre-wedding festivities uniquely mysterious—because love should always be an adventure.

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Our immersive escape rooms promise unforgettable memories, deep connections, and the thrill of in-person or virtual celebrations. With a commitment to personalized experiences, our escape rooms ensure your celebration is not only unforgettable but also uniquely reflective of your style. Join us for a celebration that transcends the ordinary, creating a collective adventure to cherish for a lifetime.

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In Seattle

Ascend to the pinnacle of intrigue for your bachelor or bachelorette revelry at Hourglass Escapes, where clandestine in-person celebrations intertwine with enigmatic amusement. Submerge yourselves in the mysterious realms of our escape rooms, guaranteeing an unparalleled and hauntingly memorable pre-wedding soiree. Whether yearning for an adrenaline-fueled odyssey or a cryptic bonding encounter, our escape rooms provide an unhindered and ideal backdrop for crafting enduring memories with your closest confidants. Traverse the shadowy veil, unravel enigmatic puzzles, and initiate a special celebration within the cryptic embrace of Hourglass Escapes.

A Virtual Night
To Remember

Can’t all be in one place? No worries! Hourglass Escapes offers the perfect solution with our “Play Anytime” virtual games. Bring the adventure to your bachelor or bachelorette party in the comfort of your own home. Connect virtually with your friends and share the excitement as you navigate through puzzles and mysteries designed for remote play. Whether you’re miles apart or just prefer the convenience of celebrating at home, Hourglass Escapes Anytime Games ensure that the thrill of adventure is seamlessly woven into your bachelor or bachelorette party, creating unforgettable memories from afar.

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