We take the health and safety of our customers and employees very seriously.

Safety – Resets may take a little longer

    • Masks are mandatory to enter Hourglass escapes
    • Temp checks are mandatory
    • Gloves and masks available if needed
    • We use CDC recommended cleaning products and procedures
    • All door handles, and common surfaces are wiped cleaned between each group
    • Each Escape room and it contents are cleaned between each game
    • Sanitizing chemicals are left on the surfaces for 2 minutes as recommended before being wiped off.
Do we need proof of vaccination?

Yes: As of October 25, visitors to most public recreational spaces--including entertainment venues such as escape rooms--must show proof of vaccination or a negative PCR COVID-19 test in the last 72 hours. There will be NO REFUNDS and NO RESCHEDULES if one or more of your party does not have the proper proof of vaccination or negative test.

Reschedule policy during Corona Virus outbreak

You are able to reschedule if you call at least 4 hours prior to the time of your booking. We will not be able to accommodate ticket changes within the 4 hour period. However if one or two people cant make it due to illness we can offer a gift certificate for that party member as well.

How are the rooms cleaned and sanitized?

Between each group in the lobby and in the escape rooms we wipe down all surfaces, door handles, touched props and any where customers are touching things. We use CDC recommended cleaners, and we follow the correct directions to use them, leaving the cleaner sit on surfaces for 2 minutes before cleaning off. We attempt to use fragrance free cleaners for those with allergies.


What is a live video Escape Room
This game is online, using streaming Zoom meeting technology.  You can control the game facilitator as your avatar in the game. It is like a first-person video game but with live people. Your team of up to 6 can all be in different parts of the world playing as a team.
How much is it?
As low as $30 per player plus tax. However we do sometimes run specials on our Facebook page.
Is there a minimum age to play?
We are family friendly! Families with Ages 12 and up. Kids under 16 must have 1 adult for every 4 kids. Kids under 12 will not be allowed without prior authorization. All sales final – this is a live event. No refunds, reschedules or exchanges. For groups who have kids 10 to 12 up please contact us for special considerations.
Will my game be just my group? Or do I need to purchase all the tickets at once?
All games are private but they do have minimums to ensure maximum fun. If you need to have multiple players purchase tickets email us for more information.
Is there parking?
There is plenty of metered and free street parking on Western Ave. There is also a paid lot across the street.
Is it scary?
No, but some of the themes are scary.
Will I be locked in the room?
No! Our games are designed without the locked door feature at this time.
I have never done a room escape or even solved a word jumble, will this be too hard?
Absolutely not! It is created for the newest escape room player to the seasoned puzzle solver. There is also a hint system as part of the game. You may not win, but you will have a great time
Do I need to have any special skills or be good at math?
Not really, every puzzle is solvable with basic real world knowledge and you will also be given a character card that will give each individual player some help along the way. In addition to that there is also the Curator to help you with hints.
How many can play Rise of The Mad Pharaoh?

We allow 4-14 players. For teams with less than 10 you can email or call us in advance and ask for "Expert Mode"

How is this for corporate team building?
Excellent! It is designed as a team building experience. Come to us, or we can bring the entire game to you. You only need an empty conference room. This saves your employees and your company from paying for parking, and losing travel time away from the business day. Contact us and we will set it up.
I don’t see the time I want to play?
Email us and we will set up one that works
Will the game master be in the room the entire time?

Our themed game master will be in Rise of the Mad Pharaoh, but not our other games.

Will I be able to bring my phone and belongings into the room?
Yes, but use of phones, cameras and other devices is prohibited. You are able at any time to step out into the hall for a phone call.
Will we have to dress in costume or act?
No, but you are encouraged to do so. In Rise of the Mad Pharaoh you will be given a character card, but it only is to give you a secret goal and some knowledge related to that game character to help your team. We love pirates in Tales of the Ghostly Galleon and Evil Dead 2 has a character pack download with costume ideas
Will there be prizes?
YES! Every team has a chance at a reward token.
Can we drink or smoke during the game?
No, even if you have us come to you, if anyone is under the influence we cannot proceed.