Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, designed to provide clarity and guidance for your Hourglass Escapes experience. Whether you’re a seasoned escape room enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, this section aims to address common queries and offer valuable insights. Explore our FAQ to enhance your understanding of our immersive escape rooms, virtual experiences, and event hosting options. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out—our team is here to ensure your journey with Hourglass Escapes is seamless and extraordinary.

How much is it?

Prices varied by game title and experience type and are listed on each game's booking page. Or contact us for a quote.

Is there a minimum age to play?

We are a family-friendly business! Families with kids age 10 and up are welcome. Kids under 16 must have at least 1 adult (18+) in their party. Kids under 10 will not be allowed in without prior authorization. All sales are final – this is a live event. No refunds, reschedules or exchanges.

Will my game be just my group? Do I need to purchase all the tickets at once?

All games are private, but they do have minimum numbers of players to ensure maximum fun. If you need to have multiple players purchase tickets contact us for more information.

Is there parking?

There is plenty of metered and free street parking on Western Ave.

Are the rooms scary?

No, but some of the themes of Evil Dead 2 and Mystery at Innsmouth are eerie.

Will I be locked in the room?

For fire safety and safety in general, customers are not locked in the rooms or barred from leaving. Using the restroom, taking phone calls and such can be done outside the room, but the game timer will not stop.

Do I need to have any special skills or be good at math?

Not really--every puzzle is solvable with basic real-world knowledge. Our Game Masters can help you with hints.

Will this be too hard for a beginner?

Absolutely not! It is created for everyone from the newest escape room player to the seasoned puzzle solver. There is also a hint system as part of the game. You may not win, but you will have a great time.

How many can play Rise of The Mad Pharaoh?

We allow 5-12 players.

How is this for corporate team building?

Excellent! It is designed as a team-building experience. Come to us, or we can bring an entire game to you. You only need an empty conference room. This saves your employees and your company from paying for parking, and losing travel time away from the business day. Contact us and we will set it up.

I don’t see the time I want to play?

Contact us and we'll see what we can do

Will there be a person in the room with us?

No, all our bookings are private and there are no outside players or live actors in any of our rooms. But you and your game master will be able to contact each other at any time.

Will I be able to bring my phone and belongings into the room?

Yes, but use of phones, cameras and other devices is prohibited. You are able at any time to step out into the hall for a phone call.

Will we have to dress in costume or act?

No, but you are encouraged to do so if you enjoy it! Remote game player packs have suggestions for costumes and other fun.

Can we drink or smoke during the game?

No, even if you have us come to you, if anyone is under the influence we cannot proceed.

How are the rooms cleaned and sanitized?

Between each group in the lobby and in the escape rooms, we wipe down all surfaces, door handles, and touched props. We use CDC-recommended cleaners, and we follow the correct directions to use them, letting the cleaner sit on surfaces for 2 minutes before cleaning off. We attempt to use fragrance-free cleaners for those with allergies.

Are there refunds for cancellations?

Similar to a concert or play, this is a live event. As such, there are no refunds for cancellations.