How the Evil Dead 2™ Board Game has changed Kickstarter forever!

I love games, all kinds of games – board games, video games, and of course escape rooms. And even more than my love for games, I love the stories that inspire some of my favorites. That’s why I was so passionate in designing and building our Evil Dead 2  escape room and that’s why I was so excited to jump on the Kickstarter bandwagon for the upcoming Evil Dead 2  board game. I’m happy to say that the campaign funded, raising over $200,000, pledged by 2,661 people (myself included). For those who don’t know about the campaign, let me say that it’s not just the subject matter that made it awesome, but also the people at Jasco and Lynnvander who brought it…back from the dead after the first campaign (run by a different company) failed to fulfill its orders after it was Kickstarted. Not only did Jasco and Lynnvander pick up the ball, but they also pledged to send a copy of their game to every one of those original backers, regardless of whether they gave money to their campaign or not. That’s pretty groovy. 

As a die hard fan of the movie, and after hearing the story of what Jasco and Lynnvander were trying to accomplish, I wanted to participate in the campaign in a way that extended beyond simply pledging my sweet sweet escape room cash. And as luck would have it, I would have the perfect opportunity to do so! It just so happened that PAX West was going on right smack dab in the middle of the campaign and that the people at Lynnvander would be there demoing the Evil Dead 2 game. So, I invited them to come play our Evil Dead 2  escape room and afterwards live stream a session of their new board game from inside the cabin!

While they might not have made it out of the cabin alive (don’t tell them I told you) it was so much fun getting to know the people at Lynnvander. And, perhaps most of all, it was awesome to play their game, which is every bit as great as the movie itself (and as awesome as our escape room, if you’ll allow me to pat myself on the back). We had a gas playing into the early morning, and now I can’t wait for my own copy to arrive.

But, you know what? This ride has been so much fun that I’m not quite ready for it to end. In hosting the Lynnvander team, I realized what a great environment our escape room is for playing the board game. So when my copy arrives, I want to host a board game day here at Hourglass Escapes exclusive to Seattle backers of the Evil Dead 2  Kickstarter. Maybe we’ll even have prizes for the participants! Obviously, we have to work out some of the logistics (like a reliable way to make sure Henrietta doesn’t get out of the basement), but watch this space for future updates. And if you’re in the Seattle area and need a way to live out your Evil Dead 2  fantasy and just can’t wait for your copy of the board game to arrive, look us up. We’ll be here. Seriously, we’re trapped in the cabin…we need help.

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