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How the Evil Dead 2™ Board Game has changed Kickstarter forever!

I love games, all kinds of games – board games, video games, and of course escape rooms. And even more than my love for games, I love the stories that inspire some of my favorites. That’s why I was so passionate in designing and building our Evil Dead 2™  escape room and that’s why I […]
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Seattle’s Best Booze Free Activities

When you have so many great options for a night out, you don’t need alcohol to fuel your Friday fun. Whether you’re searching for some “hoochless” activities because you’re sober (like me), or because it’s too expensive, or you don’t drink for religious reasons, or you just hate the taste, or you’re twelve and drinking […]
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The Terrible Tribulations of a Tragic Dater or How Escape Rooms are the Perfect First Date

I never know where to bring a date for a fun time. The zoo could be fun! But then you go on a tangent about how zoos are really just a holdover from European imperialism that really have no place in a modern society with internet access and by the time you look up from […]
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A Night in with a Board Game or a Night Out at an Escape Room?

Even if you (and your wallet) haven’t fallen head over heals into the board game craze, chances are you know someone that has. This, after all, is a ‘golden age of board games’; each year, thousands of new board games are launched—and these aren’t your grandparent’s careworn copies of Monopoly and Life. You remember those […]
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What do you give the person that has everything? Experiential Gift Giving Guide 2018

We have all been stuck trying to find a gift for someone and just have no clue what to give them….Maybe they have everything they want, or you don’t know them, or have a budget for something grand. Recently in a scientific article about benefits of experiential purchases they concluded "We suggest that prioritizing value […]
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The Savvy Parent’s guide to solving the mystery of “Family time”

Escape Rooms can be a truly educational experience for both kids and adults! Don’t believe it? Allow us to demonstrate: How is “escaping” educational? It’s as easy as 123 Commonly iN rooms, Puzzles are actually just simple math word-prOblems disguised aS something mundane, like a newspaper or letterhead. The players must act as a team […]
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