Virtual Escapes: The Safer Staycation

At first, virtual escape rooms can seem a bit counterintuitive. Escape rooms are inherently destinations; clues built into the very walls, designed to draw attention to the fact that your party is very consciously stuck… in a room. They are gathering spaces for friends and family to focus on a shared narrative, to challenge themselves and be immersed in a different place. But as we have adapted to the quaren-times, designers including those here at Hourglass Escapes, are focusing on transferring all the goodness of this destination activity to the safety and comfort of home. Rooms all over the world are joining in, with over 178 options available at alone! 

Industry leaders have emerged to cooperate with one another to invent or convert award winning escape rooms, such as Rock Avenue Escape Room “helping to lead the industry through this very challenging time” according to fellow room runners at Escape the Room. We too send a special thanks to “Ready Mayor One… leading the way for virtualized escape rooms” as Room Escape Artist reviews show; an outpouring of support from fans and fellow escape room makers alike for helping develop the systems making all virtual escapes possible.

Not everyone can leave their houses or expect to gather together, especially more vulnerable populations like the immunocompromised. Yet, with a virtual escape room, you can ask anyone to join in the fun no matter their physical location or health risk- whether it be the Grandparents you can’t pop-in on, or kids for a birthday party you’d rather not cancel. Being brought together not only to say hi, but for a communal task, encourages people to commit to being engaged with each other. It is all the fun of engaging face-to-face interaction, with no risk of germs and no need for masks! Though we understand that a virtual escapes will never quite be the same as a physical visit, companies like Deadlocked Escape Rooms have crafted experience ONLY possible through technology to glowing reviews; Review the Room ratings read: “The Cyphstress is a work of art, with beautiful design, clever and complex puzzles, [and] a strong narrative.” Not only that but their Cyphestress game has mastered the art of tying in unique physical options to partner with their local businesses- providing a craft beer flight as a tie-in only available to at home players.

Unlike options like “just another Zoom hangout” these virtual escape rooms also offer immersion into a totally new scenario, away from the stresses of the outside world. Hourglass Escapes for example uses live actors as avatars to guide you through the Official Evil Dead 2™ Escape Room Live. Not only do you get to see interactive themed clues and funny accents, but even costuming and film accurate props! Remote Escape Authority notes “Many props are exact replicas – right down to the plans used to duplicate the clock hanging on the wall.” We encourage players to utilize these game themes and add to their own immersion, no matter where they stream in from, whether it be folding an origami pirate hat or using the custom drink recipes provided with virtual packages. People may be making memories conquering clues, but hamming it up together makes these virtual memories really last!

Virtual escape rooms allow us to safely connect, regardless if you’re an essential worker, are staying safe at home, or live far far away. Try today one to bring yourself closer with your fellow detectives- all at home and worry free.

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