Nov 14

Halloween at the MoPoP

For those who attended MoPop’s Fashionably Undead Halloween Bash this year, you may have noticed a couple small tables tucked away in the museum’s Scared to Death horror exhibition. That was us! This year, with the support of the amazing staff at MoPop, Hourglass Escapes had the privilege of putting on a one of a kind puzzle experience to entertain the attendees, while providing a nice challenge and diversion from the rest of the festivities.   We brought a little taste of our Officially Licensed Evil Dead 2™ Escape Room to the museum

Through the puzzle, players were introduced to the poor Doctor Remus Gemini, who’d been taken hostage by his mad scientist brother, Romulus. However, Remus had planned for such an eventuality, placing a Kandarian dagger , the one thing that could free him and bring an end to his brother’s diabolical schemes, in the MoPop’s Scared to Death horror exhibition, and hiding clues for its retrieval in different locations. 

All in all, over a hundred people participated in the puzzle experience, with many succeeding in saving Doctor Gemini from the clutches of his mad brother. It was an amazing experience, and one we here at Hourglass hope to replicate and build upon in future collaborations with MoPop.

And if you missed out on the festivities, don’t worry! We took victory photographs of many of the participants (clad in some amazing costumes), which you can find on our official Instagram and Facebook pages.

We hope to see you on Halloween night next year, whether it’s at our escape room in Seattle or in the horror exhibition at the Mopop!

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