The Surprising Benefits of Team Building Through Escape Rooms

When you work as a team leader, you often need to consider the workplace culture you want to implement. That’s when team-building activities become essential. They help to promote collaboration, enhance communication, and build bonds between colleagues. After all, you share space with your teammates daily, so ensuring everyone gets along is important.

However, traditional activities for corporate team-building can get monotonous after a while. That’s why many businesses are trying escape rooms to improve their team’s chemistry and teamwork skills. In this blog post, let’s explore the surprising benefits of team building through escape rooms so you consider this option for your next team event.

It’s an Affordable Way To Bond With Your Team

A team escape room is a great way to unite your team without breaking the bank. Most escape rooms are affordable and provide great value for money, making them an ideal choice for companies who want to incorporate team bonding into their budget.

It Helps Improve Teamwork Skills

In an escape room, your team must work together to solve the puzzles and find their way out. This activity encourages cooperation, problem-solving, and communication skills. By working together to solve puzzles and complete tasks, your team learns to collaborate better.

You’ll Test Time Management

Most escape rooms provide an hour to finish the challenge, so you have to work quickly and efficiently. This encourages your team to practice time management skills, like prioritizing tasks, delegating roles, and managing deadlines. They can later implement these skills in the workplace and improve productivity.

Decision-Making Skills Are Challenged

Your team has to make decisions quickly and without hesitation. This helps them develop problem-solving skills and think critically about the tasks. Incorporating a bit of competition into the activity also helps to motivate your team and encourages them to work faster and better together

Natural Leadership Will Flow

Your team will observe the different ways individuals tackle problems and create solutions. They’ll also recognize who is better suited for leadership roles, allowing them to develop their ideas and take the initiative. This helps identify potential future leaders in your business, which can benefit your company. 

Give Your Team New Tools To Thrive With a Memorable Escape Room Experience

Your team members work hard every day, and the office atmosphere can get stale after a while if they feel discouraged. Adding new team-building activities to your regular work schedule is a great way to refresh and bring new energy into your team dynamic. Come to Hourglass Escapes and test out the fun and rewarding experience of an escape room.

  1. First, choose a scenario your team would enjoy.
  2. Book your session.
  3. Bring your team members for a great time. 

We’ve designed each room with collaboration in mind and strive to bring the best experience to everyone who visits. We understand the importance of team bonding for any workplace and ensure everyone leaves with a memorable experience. So don’t miss out on this unique activity and enjoy all our facility’s escape room benefits!


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