About Us

Hourglass Escapes has the best mystery and supernatural-themed escape rooms in Seattle, WA, providing real life adventure games in which players are in a room and must use clues and objects they find to solve a mystery or set of puzzles. Each game has a specific set time limit to reach a goal or "escape" from the room or situation.

Each themed escape room at our Seattle location is a complete story requiring players to solve all challenges in 60 minutes or less. Our mission is to deliver a fun, immersive, and challenging experience for all adventurers. Stop looking for a "escape room near me" and book us today!

Meet the Team

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Owner & Creator
Born and raised in Philadelphia, Seth has been working in the film and theme park industries since 1988 and the medical simulation industry since 2004. Using his experience as a scenic and animatronic artist for Universal Studios, he brings you this immersive gaming experience. More of his work can be found at www.makeupfxartist.com. His other passions include board gaming, playing guitar poorly, napping and movies.
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Born in Chile, east-coast raised and focused on delivering a unique solver/resolver experience in the realm of rompecabezas. Other time-sucks include travel, music, and friends.
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Game Designer
Alex created the immersive board game "Damage Report", and is a seasoned Game Developer pro. He also manages Uptown Espresso's Gameporium in Seattle, which aims to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to new and old gamers alike. When he's not gaming...well, maybe that means he caught a cold or something and you should send him some soup, because Alex seems to always be around games in one way or another whenever possible.
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Prop Master
Eric is our resident prop maker and all around great guy. He is a mold maker, luthier and all around artisan. When he's not making molds he is riding his motorcycle, playing music or working on his numerous projects. His main hobby is collecting hobbies. He has over 200 in is collection, from metal detecting to macaroni art.
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Composer & Musical Director
David grew up in the Northwest playing piano, pipe organ, and violin. Sometimes he escapes his day job to write music. He's written music for a few short films for the Seattle 48-hour film festival. When he's not hanging out with his wonderful family he also goes scuba diving and mountain climbing.
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Project Manager
Shawn is a fan of puzzles. Whether it is the puzzles around insurance and government bureaucracy he faces in his Social Worker role or the puzzles involved in modern board gaming. He has scheduled board gaming events for the last 3 years through the West Seattle Board game meetup, meeting some amazing people. A transplant from the Midwest, he enjoys finally living in temperatures that don’t rival the surface of the sun in the summer or the north pole in the winter.

From paranormal and supernatural investigations to Egyptian and archaeological adventures, call us to schedule your next event in one of our themed escape rooms in Seattle.