3 Sherlock Holmes Tips You Can Use In An Escape Room

3 Sherlock Holmes Tips You Can Use In An Escape Room

Have you ever wished you could become a detective? Or solve a mystery like the great Sherlock Holmes? Well, you can do just that by playing in an escape room! Escape rooms are games where players are confined in a room and have to use clues and puzzles to escape.

Sherlock Holmes is a world-renowned detective, known for his intelligence and investigative abilities. In escape rooms, you will often need to use your detective skills to solve puzzles and escape. Keep reading to see what tactic Sherlock Holmes might have used to complete an escape room game.

What Would Sherlock Holmes Do?

Escape In Sleuth Style.

You must solve the clues in order to find a way out of an escape room. These puzzles are tricky, and you must use your deductive reasoning to solve them. What did Sherlock Holmes do all his life? He analyzed the cases of several crimes and worked hard to answer the questions and solve the mystery. You can observe the things around you and use your brain to help, just like he did!

The Devil Is In The Details!

You won’t find the answer until you start to suspect everything. Use all your skills and senses to find hidden clues and analyze them. Like the world’s renowned detective, you should always examine everything thoroughly! Try to understand the meaning of new items before delving into the minute details. Often, it’s the small things that matter most! The details can help solve a riddle, or be misleading clues.

Friends In Need Are Friends Indeed.

The only people you can trust in escape games are your friends. Even the best detectives need someone to support them and encourage them with simplicity, honesty, and loyalty.

Two heads are better than one! Brainstorming about issues and asking questions can spark new ways of thinking. Working together reduces the time needed to find a solution, allows for more innovative thinking, builds relationships between team members, and creates a stronger overall bond.

Become Sherlock Holmes Today!

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