10 Family-Friendly Activities to Do in Seattle This Summer

With the unbearable heat of summer in Seattle and kids going stir-crazy from lack of something new to do, parents are searching for ways to keep their children entertained while providing them with a valuable learning experience. Going to the beach, watching movies, and playing video games will get old quickly. Continue reading for 10 family-friendly activities to do in Seattle this summer.

Top 10 Summer Activities in Seattle, WA!

Here are 10 family-friendly activities in Seattle that you can explore this summer:

  1. Seattle Aquarium: The Seattle Aquarium is a great place this summer. You can learn about sea animals like fish, octopuses, and sharks. You can also explore the underwater world in a fun and exciting way!
  2. Pike Place Market: Pike Place Market is a mecca for locals and tourists, boasting an abundant selection of locally sourced food, handmade crafts, and lively entertainment. The atmosphere of this iconic destination always promises to be vibrant!
  3. Space Needle: The Space Needle is a famous landmark in Seattle. It has a special observation deck to see the city from up high. There are more fun activities you can do with your family at the Space Needle.
  4. Chihuly Garden and Glass: This place is a must-see attraction in Seattle. Located at the base of the Space Needle, this stunningly beautiful exhibit features glass art from renowned artist Dale Chihuly. 
  5. Museum of Pop Culture: At the Museum of Pop Culture its a cool place to explore music, movies, and pop culture. There is something for the whole family to enjoy.
  6. Woodland Park Zoo: The Woodland Park Zoo is a great family activity for summer exploration. With hundreds of animals from around the world, visitors can have a unique educational experience and learn about many different species.
  7. Escape Games at Hourglass Escapes: Hourglass Escapes is a fun escape room center in Seattle. Families can play escape games together and solve puzzles to escape the rooms. Escape games are exciting and tons of fun for everyone!
  8. Virtual Escape Games: It doesn’t get much more fun than Hourglass Escapes! Now, you can escape games at home! Even though you are not in the escape room center, the escape games are still exciting and challenging. It’s a great activity for kids to enjoy with their families.
  9. Team-Building Exercises: At Hourglass Escapes, escape rooms are full of puzzles and challenges that require a team effort to solve. The escape games help the team build teamwork and problem-solving skills as they work together to escape the room.
  10. Seattle Great Wheel: The Great Wheel is a great family activity to enjoy! It’s also one of the most popular attractions in Seattle, as it offers spectacular views of the city skyline and Puget Sound.

Start Having Fun At Escape Rooms!

If you have been looking for an escape room center in Seattle to have fun with your family this summer, look no further than Hourglass Escapes. Our escape games are designed to be challenging and exciting while providing a great opportunity for families to bond and build problem-solving skills as they work together. So, come down to our escape rooms and start having fun! Book your escape game today!


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