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The Ghostly Galleon Remote Escape

Break the Buccaneer's Curse from anywhere in the world!

A ghostly green pirate ship

Solve The Mystery Of The Banshee Buccaneer In A Puzzle Escape Room

What is the Ghostly Galleon Escape Room live? 

This game is online, using streaming Zoom meeting technology.  You can control the game facilitator as your avatar in the game. It is like a first-person video game but with live people.

The Game: While you and the rest of Jacques Cousteadians research team are exploring the Bermuda Triangle with your Zoom enabled sea drone, you got sucked into the lost wreck of the Ghostly Galleon and then Electro-Ecoplasmically connected to the spirit of the Banshee Buccaneer! Now seeing through their eyes, you must break the curse or lose your mind and soul into the abyss…. forever! Muwhahahah!

What you need to play:

  • Time zone: Pacific Standard Time
  • 24 hours before your game you will be emailed a link for your game
  • 15 minutes before your game go to link and log in.
  • 3 – 6 players
  • High speed internet on a tablet or computer. Phones are not recommended.
  • Download “Zoom” https://zoom.us/ free software
  • Headphones and mic recommended.
  • Each team member should download player pack (CLICK HERE)
  • Down load custom Zoom Backgrounds (CLICK HERE)
  • Once you book your game: You will receive an email with links to the character packs, player tips and some other fun stuff to enhance the game and maximize the fun.

The fine print: All sales final – this is a live event. No refunds reschedule or exchanges. All games are public booking unless you purchase all the available tickets. No photography or video, violators will fully be prosecuted of the law.

****Ages 13 and up. This game contains adult content and language




Great for ages 12 to 112

3 to
A private adventure for ages 12 and up

We Can Bring the Experience to You!

Can't make it down? Looking for a great team-building activity on-site at your business or restaurant? We can bring the escape room to you! Our mobile The Ghostly Galleon game allows for fun and team-building exercises on the go. Contact us to learn how we can bring this great experience to your place of business or one of our restaurant partners for your group.

8 to
Adventurers for The Ghostly Galleon Mobile Experience

Mobile FAQ

How long is the event?

The game is up to 70 minutes from intro to ending. And 120 min from set-up to exit.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is included,  all shows are a flat rate. 

What is the delivery area?

Currently the flat rate games are for Seattle and anywhere within 30 min drive time.  Plus Redmond.

What if I live further?

  We can accommodate you as far as Portland. Additional fees will apply

Can we eat or drink during play?

Unfortunately no food or drink during the game to avoid damage to props. 

Can we play drunk or smoke/vape during the game?
Save that for after we leave. The game requires players to be sharp minded. If players are drunk we will be forced to stop the game and leave immediately.
What ages can play?

Ages 13 and up with two adults per child can play.  It is a family friendly game. 

How much space do we need?

 10 x 15 is the minimum area needed,  but with more players we need more space.