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Seattle’s Best Booze Free Activities

Alcohol Free Activities

When you have so many great options for a night out, you don’t need alcohol to fuel your Friday fun. Whether you’re searching for some “hoochless” activities because you’re sober (like me), or because it’s too expensive, or you don’t drink for religious reasons, or you just hate the taste, or you’re twelve and drinking would, you know, just be illegal… and you are too short to get into a bar even with a fake beard, anyway, here’s proof that booze need not be part of your destination for a fun night out. And, in case some of your friends disagree, some of these places do serve drinks.

Here are my top five things you can do that are better, sans spirits:

5. Full Tilt Ice Cream and Pinball

Melting ice cream cone

I love this place! They are known for having the best ice cream in Seattle, and some of the best pinball. They do serve beer, so you have the option to have a drink (again, unless you’re 12; then stick to the root beer floats) They even host occasional live music, art shows, and more. It’s a great first date spot, or it’s just the perfect place to end the eve with some sweets and games. Its all ages and a ton of fun.

4. The Seattle Water Front

Seattle, WA Waterfront

How long have you lived somewhere and never visited all the tourist attractions because you keep waiting until family visits? Take in an evening at the Great Wheel and Water Front sometime. It’s a blast, and great for all ages.

3. Central Cinema

Movie Tickets

This is not your normal theater; they show classic films and serve great food as well as beer, if your friends drink. I have seen some of my all-time favorite movies there, like Blade Runner, The Thing, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

2. Board Games

Black and White Photo of Chess

Seattle has some amazing board game cafes, like MOX, Around the Table, and Meeples in West Seattle. Go grab some food with a few friends and play some board games! They usually carry a library of exotic options that go beyond Monopoly or Life. It may take a bit to learn the rules, but some of these places will even teach these games to you. For beginners, try Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, or take a chance on games like Bunny Kingdom (My new favorite). These specialty cafes are great for all ages and can become a great weekly meet-up.

1. Escape Rooms

Can you stop Ah-Ramen?

I got into this hobby, or dare I say… lifestyle? Because most of my friends don’t drink or drink rarely and we wanted something exciting to do. We found out about Puzzle Rooms, where you have to solve puzzles and interact with props and items in a locked room in a set amount of time in order to win. Where else can you sail a pirate ship, save the world, or even experience the Official Evil Dead 2™ Escape Room.

Look, I realize not everyone is alcohol free and that’s okay. But sometimes we all need a night out or a weekend without it. Whether you have family or friends in town who don’t drink, want a kids day out, or you and your gang are minors and are sick of Youtube and need something exciting to do, don’t miss out on one of these alcohol optional places.


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