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Get ready for an exhilarating adventure at Hourglass Escapes, where we pride ourselves on offering the best escape rooms in Seattle! Our rooms are more than just fun and challenging - they're also educational and perfect for developing teamwork skills in children. Our puzzles and riddles have been expertly crafted by professional escape room designers, ensuring that every experience with us is unforgettable. You'll be transported to a world of excitement and intrigue when you step into one of our escape rooms. So come on over and discover why we're the talk of the town! Book your escape room adventure with us today, and let the fun begin!

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Our group recently got a chance to experience an exciting sneak preview of Seth's new portable puzzle adventure/team building adventure The Ghostly Galleon. At the risk of revealing spoilers, I won't say more than that about the content of the game, but the puzzles are top-notch and the pacing is quite good. The story and production values are excellent.

-- Samuel T. Seattle, WA

We had a team of four people for the Ghostly Galleon. The room and props were nice, the actor in the room with us did a great job, the puzzles were challenging, but fun and very well thought out. It was interesting doing a puzzle that didn’t involve the room, we kept forgetting and looking around the room for clues. Will definitely be back if we can make time for the pharaoh room! Would recommend to a friend

-- joryh322 , WA

I've done over 20 puzzle rooms and this is the real deal. The puzzles were intricate and smart. The production design was fantastic and there were puzzles I hadn't seen in any other rooms here.

--David L. Seattle,WA

We had a really great time. The story was intriguing and facilitated really well by the 'curator'. We nearly completed the challenge - only had about one puzzle to finish before we ran out of time. The challenges required creativity and teamwork -  it was a great experience.

-- Hanna P. San Francisco, CA

Crafted by master storytellers, prop makers, movie magicians, and game obsessives, Hourglass Escapes are so much more than just an escape room. You’ll know immediately that these puzzles were put together with the greatest of care, and you’ll enjoy every moment you’re inside them!

-- Seattle Oasis Vacations

I'm part of a group of six puzzle-loving people, and Rise of the Mad Pharaoh was I believe our seventh room escape together. (Starting to lose count.) This one was a lot of fun! We beat the room with less than two minutes to spare, and the tension was definitely palpable. The plot was of course quite campy and silly, with lots of fun jokes scattered about.

-- harvan119 Seattle, WA

SO fun and exciting!! Challenging but accomplishable! Very theatrical and invites you into the atmosphere they created for the challenge.

-- Amanda M. Seattle, WA

Ghost Pirate Escape Room? Yes Please!! My friends and I just finished Tales of the Ghostly Galleon and it was an absolute blast! The puzzles were challenging but never got frustrating. Every time we solved a puzzle it felt like we earned it. Also, pirates, ghosts, and wearable pirate hats?! How can you ARRRRgue with that?!

I went a couple weeks ago and I had a blast. I've done a ton of the escape rooms and this is my favorite in Seattle. It did a really good job of having you re-visit key areas and pieces over and over again and uncovering more and more. There was also a lot of clever puzzles that didn't rely on combination locks. Give it a go, I think you'll have a blast!

--Matt B. Seattle,WA

What a fun game! Lots of different kinds of puzzles - words, numbers, shapes - something for every type of brain function. Looking forward to future games. Grandma came with us and watched from a chair placed in the room for her. Friendly staff were very accommodating.

-- Bonnie P. Seminole, Florida

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