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Rise of the Mad Pharaoh official remote escape

The Game

Dr. Carter has been trapped by the Mad Mummy whilst in Egypt and needs your help to set him free and destroy the evil Pharaoh. The hapless curator at the Seattle Archeological department has requested your help to examine the artifacts and the Mad Pharaohs sarcophagus to set Dr. Carter free.

This is a theatrical Escape Room RPG that makes you the star! With your inventory and character cards you portray characters in the world of Dr. Carter and the Mad Pharaoh.

What you need to play

  • 3-8 players
  • High-speed internet
  • Even if sharing Zoom on one screen, each player should have their own tablet or computer for their inventory.  Phones are not recommended.
  • “Zoom” free software. Download Zoom
  • Headphones and mic
  • Each team needs their own Player Pack for character options and costume ideas. All 6 characters are used, so for smaller groups we recommend you split the characters up and choose one as your main moniker.

Once you book your game

You will receive an email with links to the character packs, player tips and some other fun stuff to enhance the game and maximize the fun.

The fine print

All sales final – this is a live event. No refunds reschedule or exchanges. All games are private. No photography or video, violators will fully be prosecuted of the law.

Ages 13 and up. This game contains adult content and language.

All games are Pacific Standard Time

3 TO
Players age 13+


Created by:
Hourglass Escapes

Telescape design & principal art:
Tyler Stewart

Game design:
Alex Barbieri
Seth Wolfson

Original score:
David Chestnut

Bridgette Jones


Give the gift of adventure! Escape Room gift certificates make a memorable gift for any occasion.

Games play 2 to 14 players at Hourglass, but they are always private, so your gift recipient only plays with their group. They can even add players to their group too, so don’t worry if you only give a pair but they want to bring more friends. We can make that happen!

Host your next event with us!

Hourglass Escapes has the most frightening paranormal virtual escape room experience.  We offer hosting for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and corporate events.


Hourglass Escapes can provide COVID-19 safe, fun, and dynamic team building activities of all sizes to promote team bonding, communication, and leadership for the entire office. We can host virtual escape rooms via zoom, bring the game to your office, or host groups here at our location.

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