Halloween event 10/29/2017

Two Shows Only

Only you can solve the murder, escape the room and save the world!
Hourglass Escapes presents a new 3 hour limited availability interavtive Murder Mystery experience featuring Rise of The Mad Pharaoh Escape Room. Featuring a silent auction to benefit Www.marysplaceseattle.org
You have been invited to attend a silent auction at the Seattle Department of Archaeological antiquities. You are celebrating the famed Dr. Jebidiah Carter and his discovery of the pyramid and treasures of Ah-Ramen-Twostep. But something has run afoul, and a murder needs to be solved by the end of the night!

With special guest star Miss Andrea Hays of Twin Peaks fame!

Individuals and small groups welcome: Early bird pricing is $75 per adventurer till 10/15/17 then it goes to the full $99 per player.

Secrets will be revealed