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Evil Dead 2™ Dead by Dawn

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Dead by Dawn


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You have 70 minutes to return the evil dead to their realm and save your soul!

You and your fellow paranormal investigators have been sent on a mission to the Knowby Cabin, which has materialized within the walls of the Archaeological Society. With Ash Williams guiding you, you will have to find a way return the evil dead to their realm and escape before the cabin is sucked into the time-space vortex forever.

In this adventure, you’ll be given the identity of a member of the paranormal group “Gnostic Research of the Occult, Omens, Vampires, and Yetis” aka G.R.O.O.V.Y.
Click here for a PDF of the player character list, including costume ideas, catch phrases and more.

The Official Evil Dead 2™ Escape Room plays up to 6 players and is a private booking only. For this room, you will not be joined by strangers.

Ages 13 and up. All sales final – this is a live event. No refunds, reschedules or exchanges. All games are public booking unless you purchase all the available tickets.

2 to 6 Players

As low as $40 per player

70 minutes


Get started today by downloading the player packet so you can come prepared!


Fastest Escape Without Hints

  1. 70 mins: High Score #1
  2. 71 mins: High Score #2
  3. 72 mins: High Score #3
  4. 73 mins: High Score #4
  5. 74 mins: High Score #5