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Discover why you and your fellow investigators have been summoned to a dingy hotel on the edge of a sinister shore. What shadowy secrets lurk beyond Devil’s Reef?


Hourglass Escapes is a benchmark in Seattle, hosting themed escape room games and other family-friendly activities. Each game is a complete story requiring team members to use their wits and clues found in the room to solve all challenges in 60 minutes or less and complete the story. If you’re looking for escape room games and other family-friendly activities in Seattle, book your next party or family event by giving us a call today!

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Escape Room gift certificates make a memorable gift for any occasion.

Our escape room games in Seattle play 2 to 14 players, but they are always private, so your gift recipient only plays with their group. They can even add players to their group too, so don’t worry if you only give a pair but they want to bring more friends. We can make that happen!


Hourglass Escapes can provide COVID-19 safe, fun, and dynamic team building activities of all sizes to promote team bonding, communication, and leadership for the entire office. We can host virtual escape rooms via zoom, bring the game to your office, or host groups here at our Seattle escape room location.


The Emerald City is notoriously known for its gloomy weather. However, as any local will tell you, that Seattleites won’t let a rainy day ruin their plans. From unique museums and city tours to historic high-rises and eats, there are plenty of fun things to do, even when the weather isn’t ideal. So whether you’re renting an apartment in Capitol Hill or just bought a house in Queen Anne, grab your rain jacket, and let’s check out the best activities for a rainy day in Seattle.


Hourglass Escapes can provide COVID-19 safe, fun, and dynamic team building activities of all sizes to promote team bonding, communication, and leadership for the entire office. We can host virtual escape rooms via zoom, bring the game to your office, or host groups here at our location.


“…so much more than just an escape room.”

Crafted by master storytellers, prop makers, movie magicians, and game obsessives, Hourglass Escapes are so much more than just an escape room. You’ll know immediately that these puzzles were put together with the greatest of care, and you’ll enjoy every moment you’re inside them! 

Seattle Oasis Vacations

“…this is the real deal.”

I’ve done over 20 puzzle rooms and this is the real deal. The puzzles were intricate and smart. The production design was fantastic and there were puzzles I hadn’t seen in any other rooms here.

David L. Seattle, WA

“Ghost Pirate Escape Room? Yes Please!!”

Ghost Pirate Escape Room? Yes Please!! My friends and I just finished Tales of the Ghostly Galleon and it was an absolute blast! The puzzles were challenging but never got frustrating. Every time we solved a puzzle it felt like we earned it. Also, pirates, ghosts, and wearable pirate hats?! How can you ARRRRgue with that?!

Chris G, Seattle WA

“SO fun and exciting!”

SO fun and exciting!! Challenging but accomplishable! Very theatrical and invites you into the atmosphere they created for the challenge.

Amanda M. Seattle, WA

“…the tension was definitely palpable.”

I’m part of a group of six puzzle-loving people, and Rise of the Mad Pharaoh was I believe our seventh room escape together. (Starting to lose count.) This one was a lot of fun! We beat the room with less than two minutes to spare, and the tension was definitely palpable. The plot was of course quite campy and silly, with lots of fun jokes scattered about.

harvan119 Seattle, WA

“The story and production values are excellent.”

Our group recently got a chance to experience an exciting sneak preview of Seth’s new portable puzzle adventure/team building adventure The Ghostly Galleon. At the risk of revealing spoilers, I won’t say more than that about the content of the game, but the puzzles are top-notch and the pacing is quite good. The story and production values are excellent.

Samuel T. Seattle, WA

So much fun. We love doing escape rooms! We did the pirate room and each puzzle was challenging but doable. We had 5 of us and I highly recommend at lease 4 to work together to complete it in time. We completed it with 12 mins remaining
Julie Canterbury
Julie Canterbury
Huge shout-out to the Hourglass team, they are the BEST! We had signed up for the Ghostly Galleon and later had a very special (thank you!!!) opportunity to do the Evil Dead 2 room as well. Both rooms are set up to be challenging and so much fun. We enjoyed both rooms a lot but the Evil Dead 2 room was hands-down the absolute best! This room is the owner's special project and the love that went into this room shows. It's funny, challenging, with amazing details and lots of throwbacks to the original movie. Thanks again to the whole team for going above and beyond and being as kind as they are, we had a blast and can't wait to tell everybody to check out Hourglass Escapes when they are in Seattle!
E Be
E Be
Best quality rooms (and audio!) I’ve ever seen. Did the Horror at Innsmouth as a big Lovecraft fan, with a group that included 2 first time escape roomers who aren’t familiar with the lore, and we all enjoyed it.
Will Kroll
Will Kroll
if your looking for something fun to do head on over with some friends and embark on an awesome adventure that you will remember for some time to come.
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez
One of the best escape rooms I did.
Serge Poueme
Serge Poueme
Amazing escape room! I work at an escape room facility and have done over 50 rooms all over the U.S. When I say this is one of my top three.. it is for a reason! The puzzles were so cohesive and were just the right amount of difficulty. Plus the set was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed The Evil Dead room and will definitely be back for more! 100/10 Escape room!
Chloe Thibault
Chloe Thibault
Brilliant, theatrical, immersive experiences. Highly immersive and engaging escape rooms, and I can't wait to go back!.
Escape Room Escapades
Escape Room Escapades