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Nov 25

Time for a change aka 70 min Escape Rooms

Standardization is a weird thing. In sports there are clear rules: a baseball game lasts nine innings. Football marches on for four quarters, and soccer ping-pongs up and down the field for ninety minutes. These are long standing standards that we...

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Nov 25

United Escapes of Seattle Passport

Announcing the United Escapes of Seattle Passport Program!

Hourglass Escapes has recently teamed-up with twelve different Escape Rooms all around the greater Seattle area to create the United Escapes of Seattle passport program. 


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Nov 09

What do you give the person that has everything? Experiential Gift Giving Guide 2019 Edition

We have all been stuck trying to find a gift for someone and just have no clue what to give them….Maybe they have everything they want, or you don’t know them, or have a budget for something grand. Recently in a scientific article about benefits of...
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Apr 24

The Terrible Tribulations of a Tragic Dater or How Escape Rooms are the Perfect First Date

I never know where to bring a date for a fun time. The zoo could be fun! But then you go on a tangent about how zoos are really just a holdover from European imperialism that really have no place in a modern society with internet access and by the...

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